The Narnia Code


60min drama documentary commissioned by the BBC. This unexpected and fascinating film explores the recent discoveries of Dr Michael Ward, an Oxford scholar who claims that there is a deliberate and secretly hidden code behind C.S. Lewis’ famous children’s books The Narnia Chronicles. Filmed in Europe, America and across the UK, this beautiful production has been very well received by audiences and critics alike.

A magical and inspiring docu-drama” (4 star top rating) – The Mail on Sunday

“Honest and moving” – The Herald

“Absorbing dramatised biography” – The Sunday Telegraph

“Poignantly using many of Lewis’ own words, we are walked through the pain, humour, joy, faith and love that coloured his life.” – The Daily Express

“Neither movie nor documentary, this handsome hour … feels less about proselytising than capturing high points in the life of one intriguingly eccentric writer in a divinely concise package.” – Variety