3 Minute Wonders: The World According to…

Although not exactly ‘documentaries’ this series of highly amusing ‘sand animations’ deal with very factual issues, but from a child’s point of view. Commissioned by Channel 4 for their ‘3 Minute Wonder’ series, animator Jamie Stone recorded the voices of individual children talking to him about such weighty issues as Space Travel, Electricity, Robotics and Recycling. The results are spectacular.

Not to be missed.

Electricity according to John: A Ten-year-old describes his detailed theories about the phenomenon of electricity.

Robotics According to Louis: Nine-year-old Louis tells us about the future of the interactive robot world.

 Space Travel According to John: Thoughts and theories on the concept of space travel through the eyes of a ten-year-old.

Recycling according to Alexander: Young Alexander discusses recycling in a refreshingly imaginative fashion.