Norman Stone began his professional career in television as the youngest producer/director at the BBC. Moving from documentaries, and a pioneering children's show, into popular drama. Norman wrote and produced the highly acclaimed film a Different Drummer about the blind and deaf Cornish poet Jack Clemo, and four years later, his career was established with the huge, international success of Shadowlands. This gripping film drama on the love and grief of C.S. Lewis was the result of over 4 years personal study and research. It starred Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom and collected two BAFTA awards, an International Emmy, and the Prague D'or for Best Director. Other dramas included Martin Luther - Heretic starring Jonathan Pryce; New World with James Fox; The Vision starring Dirk Bogarde Lee Remick and Helena Bonham Carter as well as the award-winning Burston Rebellion with Eileen Atkins and Bernard Hill. Stone then went on to direct the hugely successful four-part thriller series for BBC Scotland, The Justice Game as well as the internationally acclaimed television movie Pied Piper starring Peter O'Toole  (a Granada TV/CBS co-production).

After creating the feature film script of The End Time with writer Murray Watts, the two men collaborated again on The Dream, an adaptation of Dostoevsky's short story Dream of a Ridiculous Man for BBC2, which starred Jeremy Irons and was nominated for an ACE Award in the category of Best International Drama. Stone then went on to direct a number of top BritishTelevision dramas including two 'Miss Marples' and two 'Catherine Cooksons'. For one of these (The. Black Velvet Gown) he received his second International Emmy.
He then produced and directed Tales from the Mad House, an award-winning series of one-man dramas for BBC 1, featuring such stars as Jonathan Pryce, Joss Ackland, and Helen Baxendale, before making his first feature film – the gritty gangster film Man Dancin', which garnered more international awards.

A string of popular dramatised documentaries followed, including C.S. Lewis - Beyond Narnia, Florence Nightingale,The Narnia Code and finally KJB - The Book that Changed the World (winner of The Epiphany Prize 2012).

Norman is currently working on three new movies – one, In the Face of Evil, is on the conflicted German pacifist Dietrich Bonhoeffer, another Brother Jesse, discovers Elvis Presley alive and well in New Mexico and then The End Time explores the Celtic legend of St. Columba of Iona, and stars Jeremy Irons in the leading role.